The Pets Cell

The PetsCell™ is the first 2-way voice enabled, waterproof, GPS (Global Positioning Service) cell phone optimized for animals. There's no hiding with the PetsCell™. You can locate a Pet in places where traditional GPS does not work, like in homes, garages or under foliage where scared or curious animals will likely venture. Establish a remote programmable geo-fence around a yard or campus and use handy notification features that alert your cell phone when a breach occurs.

Reunite with your animal using mobile tracking instructions that lead you to their exact location. The PetsCell™ is quite simply the standard in Pet tracking and communication for People and Pets on the go.

Developed initially for personal pet tracking, The PetsCell™ has found it's way into the enterprise markets for working dogs such as K-9 units and security Dogs. The unit enables handlers to not only communicate commands to their animals, but in the event they are separated from their handler, the PetsCell™ allows the officer or handler to track the K-9 with complete accuracy.
link- Pets Mobility Inc.

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