Jentle Pet Spa

"You might share your bed with your dog but you don't have to share your bath. Introducing the Jentle Pet Spa for dogs, an innovative new product for your pets and pet owners. This bathing vessel has been thoughtfully and ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable, therapeutic, safe environment for canine members of the family.
For the ultimate in pet pampering and therapy, the Jentle Pet may be equipped with 5 full-size point-massage whirlpool jets, air volume control, a 1 bhp pump and MTI's patented Fill-Flush® whirlpool cleaning system. Each point-massage jet's direction can be adjusted, and individual jets can be shut off if desired. Whirlpool therapy is not-only relaxing but also therapeutic for relieving the pain of sore muscles or arthritic conditions."
link- MTI Whirlpools
(If I ever open another grooming shop I swear I will install this bad boy!)

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