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Food Storage

This is a great bag to store and/or transport bags of dog food.

Coach asseccories

Coach offers the right accessories to tie you and your pooch together.


Doggy Rug

Dog rug

Puppy Mover Monorail

It all started as a joke idea from the whacky, yet creative mind of TMS member James Horecka, while enjoying lunch on a Friday afternoon. James thought it would be funny to make a PRT, or Puppy Rapid Transit vehicle, and send a picture to TMS headquarters for a laugh. Quickly the concept grew beyond a single car PRT vehicle into a monorail train full of puppies! By 3 PM that afternoon, parts were being purchased for the project.

Cookie Cutters

Someone at eBay is selling the coolest cookie cutters! This one is a Kerryblue Terrier. I am so excited about the attention to detail here. Usually you would just find a cookie cutter of a dog, plain and simple. They have just about everybreed too.


Lets take it back a step or two

Last night I flipped on the tv and quickly stumble upon a dog show. My husband, who is not as keen on pampering puppies as one would hope, grumbled at a commercial that came on advertising a potable stair step for dogs who can't get on the furniture by themselves. This started a long conversation between us about our levels of tolerance for people who allow their pets the privilege of running their owners lives. He draws the line at allowing them on the furniture. He feels that dogs are still animals and they should have a job, to protect us. Plan and simple and for that we reward them with food and shelter. Plan and simple. Not with jewelry and lavish dog houses. And i do agree with him. I believe that dogs want a job. Just like us they need a purpose, to make them feel as part of the pack. My level of tolerance is much higher than his. I used to let my pup on the sofa but not the bed. And I fed him a bit more than I should have. I love buying cool collars and squeaky toys. and he does have a pretty sweet bed. I do draw the line at people treating their pets as accoutrement's. In my 16 years of working with animals I have never ever thought just once that I needed to carry a dog around like a purse! Or dress them up in frilly costumes to show off! I see people here in Southern California with sweaters on their Chihuahua's in the middle of summer when it is unbearably hot. I mean come on- we live in a desert. Thats Chihuahua's native land! Their not shaking because their cold, their shaking because they feel ridiculous and are afraid of some Rottweiler laughing at them.

Le Dachshund Soap

There are quite a lot of level-headed people around the country who go totally crazy for this little breed of waddling wiener dogs. If you know any of these people, they will love this gift, and they will love you, because they love dachshunds so much! This accurately-rendered and adorable dog-shaped soap is scented with a crisp cottage linen fragrance. Presented in a sophisticated chocolate and ivory houndstooth-patterned box and topped off with a burnt orange ribbon, it's the perfect mixture of classy and offbeat.


The Dog Who Loved to Suck on Toads

Laura Mirsch wrote this artical for NPR All Things Considered-A dog may be man's best friend. But one dog, Lady, decided she needed more friends -- and she found plenty in the knot of toads living at the local pond. A suburban family's secret struggle with an uncommon addiction comes to light in this personal essay by NPR's Laura Mirsch.
Lady "was really perky, and happy, and generally excited to see you when you came in the door every day," recalls Andrew Mirsch.
But that was before the Mirsch family moved into a new house.
"We noticed Lady spending an awful lot of time down by the pond in our backyard," Laura Mirsch recalls.
Lady would wander the area, disoriented and withdrawn, soporific and glassy-eyed.
"Then, late one night after I'd put the dogs out, Lady wouldn't come in," Laura Mirsch says. "She finally staggered over to me from the cattails. She looked up at me, leaned her head over and opened her mouth like she was going to throw up, and out plopped this disgusting toad."
It turned out the toads were toxic -- and, if licked, the fluids on their skin provided a hallucinogenic effect.
What followed was the Mirsch family's quest to stop their cocker spaniel from indulging herself. But it wasn't easy. Lady was persistent, and resourceful.
The situation seemed to resolve itself when the toads went into hibernation for the winter.
But when they returned, so did Lady -- and with a vengeance.
"We couldn't keep our dog's addiction a secret any longer," Laura Mirsch says. "The neighbors all knew that Lady was a drug addict, and soon the other dogs weren't allowed to play with her."
In the end, Lady seems to have found a way to manage her problem.
"She seems to have outgrown the wild toad-obsessed years of her youth," Mirsch says, "and now only sucks on weekends."

Pico Bello

Its funny that I should find this scottie broom on the same day that I found the next post of an art piece by Luis Monk.

Wa Wash

Wah wash - Luis Monk

Best Friends Salt and Pepper Set

This whimsical set will certainly bring a smile to any dog-lover's face! Each shaker is individually handblown using high-quality glass and hand-mixed colors. Topped with corrosion-resistant metal screw-caps, this delicate dog-and-hydrant shaker set provides the perfect touch of functional art in any kitchen!
Best Friends Set


Fisherman's Braid Pet Collars & Leads

Nautical Chic for the truly pampered pet! Fisherman's Braid Collars and Leads are made from braided SUNBRELLA chording; color safe and fade resistant. Solid brass hardware is plated in muted nickel. Colors: aqua, white, and brown.
Nautical Luxuries

Ultimate Puppy Toolkit

The Ultimate Puppy Toolkit provides virtually everything puppy owners need to get started - right out of the box. If you are getting a puppy, this is a fantastic resource that can help your puppy's development. Puppies have a golden window for learning. Sadly, most new puppy owners don't have the information they need to make the most of this important time. Without a pro-active, early education, puppies often form bad habits, sometimes become fearful, and can even develop behavior problems that finally wind up landing them in the local shelter. The Ultimate Puppy Toolkit is designed to help you prevent these problems before they start, and enjoy a long lifetime of love together with your dog.

Anxiety Wrap for Dogs

The Anxiety Wrap is a wonderful tool that helps animals to cope & overcome their past and present fear issues. The Anxiety Wrap is a management device that uses a technique called maintained pressure which helps to reduce stress so your dog can become calmer. Maintained pressure affects the sensory receptors that communicate with the brain and the central nervous system. While wearing the Anxiety Wrap, your dog receives input that is even, rhythmic, and repetitive, producing a calming of the mind and body.


$14.99 for both!

only $14.99 for this set!

Puppia Soft Harness

Puppia Soft Harness is made of soft air-mesh (polyester). Very comfortable to wear. Re-sizable chest belt. Available in five colors and three sizes.


Scottie Bank

"Scottie Bank" is a great way to store your loose coins.
Includes "chain" dog collar with bell. Currently available in black. Available soon in white.
Well Dressed Home

Daylesford Dog

If dogs could read the list of chemicals and additives in their usual treats and cleaning products, their fur would probably stand on end. Daylesford Natural has prepared additive free, entirely natural honey flavoured treats and savoury dog biscuits which, as dogs will tell you, are rather moreish... This canine hamper also contains a dog and puppy shampoo with walnut and nettle, and a coat conditioner with nettle and calendula - sensitive, sensible pampering.
Daylesford Organics


Avior Pet Travel Carrier

This unique European design offers a great comfy place your Cat or small do on their next trip. Great for taking your pets to the vet, car rides or just out and about. Made from reinforced heavy-duty plastic your carrier is lightweight (only 3.2lbs) but very durable and strong. Carrier can be opened either in front or back and is well-ventilated to keep your pet cool and comfortable. One of the top two panel allows you for easy access to your pet without the risk of them getting out while the other panel opens a storage area where you can keep leashes, treats or medicines. Molded carrying handle is balanced for stable traveling with your pet.



In spring of 2000, cute and little funny looking pals made their debut in a series of handy picture booklets, classifying into each breed as "THE DOG". Their lovely and unique portraits such as the highly expressive close-range images (using a wide-angle photographical lens), round eyes, and protruding muzzle hit the streets and began to attract people. This is how "THE DOG" started.
The Dog

Cake Dish Tetsu

Show your love of Japanese culture and your love for puppies with these oh-so-sweet dishes.

Puppy Flowers

Spotted these at Cute Overload. I would love to get some puppy flowers as a gift!



The Bone Shaped Dog Treat Jar from the WOOF collection is a stylishly plain but elegant white ceramic treat jar.
The Total Home Store

Pet Havens

You may never feel bad again for leaving Fido in a cage all day while your working with The Pet Haven.
"Introducing Elite Pet-Havens, custom designed state-of-the-art
health and luxury havens for your cherished pet. We provide a
unique private environment in your home of apartment designed
to enhance the life experience of the urban pet, and pet owner."
Elite Pet Havens


Dog Walking Art


Pawprints Wall Keepsake Kit

Make a timeless keepsake of your pet with this pawprint impression kit. The easy do-it-yourself kit requires no mixing, baking, or mess.

The Skeeter Bag

The Skeeter Bag is simply a net bag that you attach to a standard box fan. The skeeters get sucked in and trapped. Place it near your pets bed.
Skeeter Bag


Brown Faux Fur Lined Floor Barrel

"Our floor barrel is not just a cozy hiding place,
It's also a great cover for getting the drop on
toys in a game of hide and chase! Upholstered
in durable, cottons, corduroys and designer
faux furs. Floor stand available in brushed or
blackened steel. Perfect for naps!"


Wiener Wraps

Who could resist these little guys? These vibrant silhouettes and bits of canine wisdom are sure to develop a loyal following among our fellow dog lovers. This collection contains 2 sheets of each design for a total of 8 sheets.
Whimsy Press

Junkyard Pets

Almost as eager to be fed as your own pets, these pet feeders patiently await dinnertime. Made in Kentucky from salvaged and recycled car, machinery and bicycle parts, the clever sculptures hold two stainless steel bowls for food and water. The terrier, with his steel flooring ears, and kitty, with her whiskers of nails, add a bit of whimsy to your pet’s dining spot and - if kept outdoors - gain an attractive rust patina as they age.
Come & Get It feeders
Bulldog Wine Caddy


Bodhi's Form Dog Beds

Casual elegance meets comfort and durability in BODHI's FORM BEDS. Dogs love the feel of our soft microsuede covers, and our firm high density 10-year foam mattress provides support, with a soft top layer for added comfort.
The Central Barker

Bella Dog Carrier

Lightweight nylon with canvas straps and silver hardware, three outside and two inside pockets, “peek-a-boo” door, zipper closure, mesh ventilation on both sides.
The Cental Barker

Louis XV Style Pavilion

In the manner of an 18th century French rosewood commode, this flamboyant piece is handcrafted from solid mahogany and rosewood. A David Salmon original.
The Quintessential Pet

Pet Food Canisters

Sturdy lidded canisters are made of white powder coated steel with easy to grip bail handles. Includes aluminum scoop.
link- Ballard Designs