The Perfect Petfeeder

"Simply put, the Perfect Petfeeder was conceived to do one thing, feed your pet flawlessly, for a lifetime. Succeeding in both substance and style, it allows you to effortlessly implement healthy, consistent, portion-controlled nutrition that's customized for your pet's optimum health, without respect for long work hours and busy schedules. Invitingly easy to use with features that surpass expectation, the Perfect Petfeeder has been warmly received by discerning pet parent's as the automated solution of choice."
Perfect Petfeeder


RochelleR said...

Glad you are posting on this again. This is a cute blog. I work in a pet depart. So I am interested in new doggy items. This reminds me of some type of fancy coffee maker LOL.

Scott said...

I just saw a video someone posted on YouTube of this automatic dog feeder. Very cute! Here's the link. We bought this unit a few months ago and are completely in love with it. SO much better than the feeder we had before.

Amber said...

When I was in high school, I had to invent and create advertising for a product as a marketing class assignment. Thus, I invented "The Kibble Klock" automatic dog food dispenser. Unfortunately, being only a high school student at the time, I didn't know exactly what to do with this idea yet (and I had to study for my SATs). So "The Kibble Klock" was shelved.

And now I see this apparatus--this spectacular shiny thing that is the embodiment of my high school marketing class vision--and I can only cringe.


Well, at least I got an A.

Haha, thanks for sharing.