Lets take it back a step or two

Last night I flipped on the tv and quickly stumble upon a dog show. My husband, who is not as keen on pampering puppies as one would hope, grumbled at a commercial that came on advertising a potable stair step for dogs who can't get on the furniture by themselves. This started a long conversation between us about our levels of tolerance for people who allow their pets the privilege of running their owners lives. He draws the line at allowing them on the furniture. He feels that dogs are still animals and they should have a job, to protect us. Plan and simple and for that we reward them with food and shelter. Plan and simple. Not with jewelry and lavish dog houses. And i do agree with him. I believe that dogs want a job. Just like us they need a purpose, to make them feel as part of the pack. My level of tolerance is much higher than his. I used to let my pup on the sofa but not the bed. And I fed him a bit more than I should have. I love buying cool collars and squeaky toys. and he does have a pretty sweet bed. I do draw the line at people treating their pets as accoutrement's. In my 16 years of working with animals I have never ever thought just once that I needed to carry a dog around like a purse! Or dress them up in frilly costumes to show off! I see people here in Southern California with sweaters on their Chihuahua's in the middle of summer when it is unbearably hot. I mean come on- we live in a desert. Thats Chihuahua's native land! Their not shaking because their cold, their shaking because they feel ridiculous and are afraid of some Rottweiler laughing at them.

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